Easily do self-care in just

5 minutes a day

Learn how to develop and enhance your self care practice with this easy to use workbook


  • Having more energy

  • Being able to manage stress effectively

  • Lowering your risk of illness

THAT'S what happens when

you know how to effectively

use self care

Are you Ready for Relief?

So you’ve heard the term 'self-care' before but what does it even mean?
And why is it important?

Self-care sounds simple - You take care of yourself every day, right? Isn't that self care?

Well, yes and no.

Meeting your basic needs (food, shelter, water) IS important,

but it’s not all there is.

Self-care refers to doing things to promote your health and well-being across

all areas of your life.

But why is it important?

Because when you show up for yourself, you're able to:

  • Release the stress of your everyday life

  • Have a better relationship with your partner & friends

  • Remain calm when your kids are FREAKING OUT

  • Experience more satisfaction with your job

  • Feel more worthy of love

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Not sure where to start?

You're not alone! That's why we're here to help.

In this workbook, you'll be walked through how to:

Reflect on where you are now and identify where you want to be

Set intentions for your

self care practices

Record and track what is

and is not working for you in your life

AND as a bonus to you…there’s a

30 Day Self Care Challenge

which includes 30 different

self-care ideas.

So, are you ready to get your workbook?

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Renee Eddy, LPC, Reiki Master

Hey there! I’m Renee. I am Licensed Professional Counselor, Reiki Master, and EMDRIA Approved Consultant, and mama. I work with an array of people along their healing and growing journeys.

My passion is helping people heal, be well, and embrace their lives.

I understand the weight and frustration of feeling like there is more out there for you, but not knowing where to turn to first. That’s why I started creating guides, programs, and workbooks to help you in your journey.

Everything I create is intended to provide you with a safe space to explore what is happening in your life and help you grow into the person you’d like to be.

With fifteen plus years of experience, I make sure to utilize all of my experience, the wisdom from the clients I’ve served, and the research available to support you as you navigate your own health and wellness journey.

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